Wadi Al Mujib

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The Mujib Reserve, mentioned 25 times in the Bible as Arnon,In biblical times, the Wadi, or River Arnon, formed the natural border between the territories of the Moabs in the north and the land of the Edomites (later the Nabateans) in the south. The Wadi is mentioned in the Old Testament (at the time of King David) as the river which flows through the valley to the Dead Sea.

Often, the Mujib Reserve and Wadi Mujib are thought of only in terms of adventure travel, due to the amazing gorges for canyoning and hiking there. But this area is mentioned 25 times in the Bible as Arnon, whose gorge was the boundary between Moab to the south and the Amorites to the north. It was here that the Israelites camped on their way through Jordan, (see Numbers 21:13).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]