Wadi al-Yabis

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Also called Wadi al-Rayan, is located to the north of Ajloun – Jordan and to the south west of the city of Irbid in northern Jordan. It is a valley with abundant water and is distinguished by its different terrain, from mountains to plains, bottoms and valleys, and the spread of water springs in this valley is a prominent and distinctive feature of it.


south of Pella, Wadi el-Yabis empties into the Jordan River. This wadi is widely believed to be the biblical Brook Cherith of 1 Kings 17:2-7. It is here that Elijah, after his dire prediction to King Ahab of drought, was told to go to be protected and fed. He was brought food by the ravens and drank water from the brook. When the brook dried up, it was time to go.