Wadi Ghuweir

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This wadi is one of the most spectacular wadi used for hiking in Jordan, stunning nature components including river, birds, elevated nature are all in this wadi/

Known in the Hebrew Bible as Wadi Zard (Hebrew: זרד). is a desert valley … Wadi Ghuweir. This wadi is one of the most spectacular wadi used for hiking …

Tannaitic Tradition

The description of Israel’s borders in rabbinic literature also understands the Zered Stream as Wadi es-Sawaqa. Defining biblical Israel’s borders was a significant issue for the rabbis, since certain halakhot are applicable only in the land; a detailed list of the borders appears in the Tosefta (Sheviʿit 4:11), in Sifrei Deuteronomy (§51), in the Jerusalem Talmud (Sheviʿit 6:1; 16a), and even on a mosaic floor from a synagogue in the Beth-shean Valley.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]