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  • Wadi Rum
  • Wadi Rum Jordan

“The Valley of the Moon” – there’s nothing more stunning than the stark contrast between the sparkling blue waters of Aqaba and the desert landscape of Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is everything you would expect from essence of the desert with it Color-shifting landforms, giant sandstone mountains, towering plateaus, steep canyons, mushroom rocks and perpetually moving sand dunes. This desert of mountains do represents a magnificent painting for the beginning of time that

supports a unique ecosystem, rich with human culture of the nomadic Arab tribes, better known as the Bedouins.

A whole range of unforgettable desert experiences can be found in Wadi Rum; stare at a dazzling of stars in the desert night; ride a camel through narrow canyons; climb mountains; sand surf on golden dunes; or simply marvel at the stunning landscape before you.