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Enjoy the best panoramic views of the Jordan Valley.

Ajlun Castle (Qal'at Ar-Rabad) was built by one of Saladin's generals in 1184 AD to control the iron mines of Ajlun, and to deter the Franks from invading Ajlun.

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Excellent example of medieval military architecture.

An ancient Crusader stronghold, Karak sits 900m above sea level and lies inside the walls of the old city. The city today is home to around 170,000 people and continues to boast a number of restored 19th century Ottoman buildings, restaurants, places to stay, and the like. But it is undoubtedly Karak Castle that dominates.

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Royal ancient city of the Ammonites.

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a fascinating city of contrasts – a unique blend of old and new, ideally situated on a hilly area between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley.

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Red Sea

The prime junction for land and sea routes from Asia, Africa and Europe.

Aqaba is a fun place. It is a microcosm of all the good things Jordan has to offer, including a fascinating history with some outstanding sites,

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Nature Reserves

The increasingly  popular location for bird watching.

Azraq is a unique wetland oasis located in the heart of the semi-arid Jordanian eastern desert, one of several beautiful nature reserves managed by the RSCN.

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Baptism Site

A place of crossing

One of the most important sites of the Baptism Site is Elijah’s Hill, the place where Elijah ascended to heaven in the 9th century BC.

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Nature Reserve
Dana village

Combination of natural communities in a single area

Dana is Jordan’s largest nature treasures, covering some 320 square kilometers of spectacular mountains and wadis along the face of the Great Rift Valley.

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Jordan Valley

The world's most amazing place.

One of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the world, the Jordanian east coast of the Dead Sea has evolved into a major hub of both religious and health & wellness tourism in the region.

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Crusader Castles

The beautiful examples of  art and architecture.

Jordan's desert castles, beautiful examples of both early Islamic art and architecture, stand testament to a fascinating era in the country's rich history.

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Roman City

The second  on the list of favorite destinations in Jordan.

The modern city of Jerash can be found to the east of the ruins. While the old and new share a city wall, careful preservation and planning has seen the city itself develop well away from the ruins so there is no encroachment on the sites of old.

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Hot Springs

The place of most mineral-rich waters.

Hammamat Ma’in (Ma’in Hot Springs). Popular with both locals and tourists alike, the springs are located 264m below sea level in one of the most breathtaking desert oases in the world.

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City of Mosaics

One of the most memorable places in the Holy Land.

The Madaba Mosaic Map covers the floor of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, which is located northwest of the city centre.

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